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Five DIY Ideas for When You Get Ready to Sell

Posted by Michael on May 1, 2020
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Even if your home is in great condition there can still be a decent list of things that you want to get done before you place it on the market for sale. There are some things that you can do yourself but it is important that you don’t take on more than what you are comfortable tackling. Here are five easy projects that most can do that will make a big impact. 

Front Door

Most everyone can agree that a freshly painted front door goes a long way right before you list your home. Picking the right color certainly helps, but a fresh coat of paint will make it really stand out and help set the stage for a well-maintained looking home. This task won’t take long and can be done for very little money.

Flower Bed/Pots

Flowers add color and life so if your yard allows and the season is appropriate, plant some vibrant colored flowers in a bed out front. For smaller yards,  adding potted flowers is the next best idea to be placed by the front door. Either option doesn’t cost you much money and can be done quickly and easily. 

Kitchen Hardware

This is a great improvement because if you have a screwdriver, you can easily update your kitchen hardware. If your cabinets are in good enough shape then sometimes you can simply replace the hardware for a new and modern look. You can purchase these individually or in a larger pack for a better value. Just make sure that you select new hardware that has the same holes and spacing as the existing for a seamless fit. 

Caulk the Shower

This is an area that can often look dirty if left untouched. The caulking in your shower or tub area  can become cracked or prone to mildew over time. Remove the existing caulking with a utility knife and then re-apply new caulking with making a clean bead line. This also can be done for just a few dollars and with not a lot of time and the result will have the tub looking fresh, clean and be water tight.

Swap out Switch Plates

Much like your kitchen hardware, this only involves a screwdriver and a little bit of your time. Go room by room and see which ones need replacing. If any are cracked around light switches or outlets they should definitely be replaced. For any that are just dirty, try using a bit of rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip (not the switch/socket itself) to get into any crevices.

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