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Your 10 Final “To Do’s” When Selling

Posted by Michael on October 31, 2019
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Most sellers think about all of the big picture tasks like packing up your belongings in time, scheduling a moving truck and forwarding their address when planning a move. However, there are many little things to get done and a checklist can help make your move more smooth. Here is a list to follow for when you are preparing your move.

Smart devices

If you represented your home with these items and did not explicitly exclude them, then you will need to leave them. For any devices that stay with the home, be sure to clear and untether them from your control so that things are reset for the new owners. 

Lock all windows

This can often be overlooked. Most people focus on making sure that all doors are shut and locked, but don’t forget about the windows too! There could be a period of time that the home is left vacant and you don’t want any uninvited visitors entering. 

Check storage areas

Do one final check of all closets, basement and even your attic space. You may have left some holiday decorations or the like that were “out of sight, out of mind.” One final sweep of all cabinets and drawers is a good idea too.

Keys and codes

Collect all keys, garage remotes and mailbox keys and have them all together for the buyer. Also, share any passcodes for alarms or gates so that the buyer has all they need when they move in.

Purchase protection items

Even if you are hiring professional movers, chances are you will be doing some preparation beforehand on your end. Make sure you have some essential things like padding or blankets so that when you move things yourself you aren’t damaging the floors or walls. Any significant damage that may happen will be seen by buyers during the final walk through. 

Basic cleaning supplies

Keep some of the cleaning essentials handy until the last minute. Have some rags, sponges, a bucket, the vacuum, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, mop and trash bags to cover the basics. 


Don’t pay for what you don’t need to or go without service at your next home. Be sure you communicate to utility companies when your closing dates are for both the home you are selling and the one you are buying so that things work well for you.


It is a good idea to take photos of the property when you are leaving it. After all items are removed and it has been cleaned it is a wise idea to document exactly how you left it. You never know what can happen afterwards with the buyer’s movers, etc. and this can help cover you.

Closing paperwork/docs

Most of your belongings will be packed away for your closing day, but keep some of the essentials handy in a folder. These things include your closing paperwork, your driver’s license, all remotes, keys and passcodes, information on any home devices or warranties, as well as your checkbook in case any last minute incidentals arise. 

Move date coordination

Keep your agent and the buyer abreast of your moving plans. You should be out by the time of closing, but keeping everyone updated will help avoid any potential hiccups. 

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